Television – The New Generation IP TV – M3U Player

Television is designed just for you to use with great experience and in ease.
Load your M3U list and enjoy watching.

Put aside the Television that has limited number of channels you used to watch at home.
Television is developed for living on anytime and anywhere unlimited TV experience.
The Television in your pocket at everywhere  as you can use a mobile phone and tablet.
When you log into the application , you can create your own list by adding a URL.
You just a spectator, you can enjoy Television by choosing from hundreds of channels in the Channel List.

For Use

You can also find and watch the broadcast you want by the Search Button quickly. All you need to do is download our app from the App Store and experience the unlimited experience of Television.


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Customer Reviews
Very nice this IPTV.- dyinspector – Oct 15, 2017
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